Series E: Equality x Sound

August 10, 2020
Series E: Equality x Sound

Dear Friends,


As posted on our social media & in line with the BLM movement and all marginalized communities that have far too long faced injustice and inequity- we, as a gallery business, are striving to serve the community and the legacy of art.


Via this editorial, Series E, we will be sharing research and shared resources on inequity. Our second post in the series is focused on Equity x Sound...






(1) NTS


Listen to NTS' recorded broadcast from Manchester featuring tracks including LONNIE HOLLY's I Woke Up In A Fucked Up America and more...





Say it loud - I’m BLACK AND PROUD!




(3) Refinery29: Every Movement Needs A Soundtrack. This Is Ours

"Since the very beginning of time, music has been a powerful tool to bring about change. Every major human rights movement has been marked by songs created by the people at the centre of the crisis, people who were desperate to get their voices heard. When they didn't always have the words to say, their songs fulfilled a specific purpose for its time — disseminating information, stirring up righteous indignation, bringing people together, and sparking joy. Music did the work." 


Read full article including soundtracks and slideshow



(4)  "Glory" - John Legend and Common

Created for the 2014 biographical drama Selma, "Glory" was inspired by the pain and power of the 1960s civil rights movement — and the ongoing effort against anti-Blackness.