XING is a collective of artists. It was founded by Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee in 2017 and exists as a domain of possibilities shedding light on the trailblazing lives of East and Southeast Asian women today. XING champions the vagabonds, challenges hegemony, and celebrates a oneness through image and prose. The inaugural volume of XING (2017) explores the current landscape of women in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. An introductory text is written by Clara Lee.

XING will be premiering a selection of works at UNSEEN 2019, Amsterdam.

Contributors to the inaugural volume:

Lin Zhipeng (林志鹏), aka 223 - considered to be part of the ‘next generation’ of young Chinese photographers. Sexuality and gender have become a central theme in his work: the ambiguous, the frivolous, wet kisses exchanged between men, female fetishism, bodily closeness, sexual lust. 223 was born in Guangdong province, China, and graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies with major of financial English. He is currently based in Beijing. He has contributed to numerous creative and fashion magazines as editor and writer and has produced photo shoots for magazines such as Vice, S magazine, VISION, iLOOK, City Pictorial, etc.

Teresa Eng - Born in Vancouver, Canada, Eng’s roots traces back to Hong Kong. Now based in London, Teresa's photographic practice is steeped in tradition but one that embraces the new. Previous work include ‘Speaking of Scars ‘and ‘Self-Portrait’, both self-published monographs. In 2018, she was a finalist in Hyères 33e Festival de Mode, de Photographie et D’Accessoire de Mode. She has been awarded grants by Gasworks and Canada Council of the Arts. ‘Self-Portrait’ exhibited at Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool in U.K. 

Vivian Fu - born in the San Fernando Valley of California and currently based in San Francisco. She received her BFA in Fine Art with a focus on Photography from the University of California Santa Cruz. Fu is concerned with the romanticisation of everyday vernacular photography, and how those aesthetics can be harnessed to explore notions of the sentimental and the idealised.Through her photography, she explores themes including filial piety, romance, and the connection between food and the erotic.

Jiatu Gu - Gu is interested in how images, signs, symbols, and various forms of representations affect our contemporary environment. Heavily involved in his practice, his identity sees his practice employing photography and installation to explore how individuals understand and interact with a reality that can appear inseparable from simulacra.

Mayumi Hosokura (細倉真弓) - Tokyo-based & known for her works with delicate sensitivity for nature and unique description of beauty and intimacy of young people. 'Transparency is the new mystery' was published by MACK in 2016, and her early work 'KAZAN' was published by Artbeat publishers in 2012.

Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee - Based between London and Singapore, Lee is interested in exploring new identities of subaltern bodies—specifically in narrating the lives of East and Southeast Asian women against the backdrop of a globalised contemporary society.

Ronan Mckenzie - Having grown up in Walthamstow, London's multicultural residential hub, McKenzie grew up with a worldview that valued diversity in culture. She started exploring issues surrounding the notion of blackness and had her solo exhibition, A Black Body, premiere in 2015.

Takuya Nagata - Tokyo-based, Nagata seeks interest in exploring spaces within and amongst his subjects, using intimacy and ingenuity as tools for bringing the life of images closer to the viewer.

Ryo-ta Saitoh - With a background in architecture, dance, and photography, Ryo-ta Saitoh is a polymath artist based in Tokyo. He is interested in exploring the relationship between sense and emotion, using the body as a canvas for examination.

Tammy Volpe (金森多美) - Based in Bali, born in Tokyo. Her work maps out and explores new terrains of the Japanese female, with a particular interest in body image, tradition, and heritage. 

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