XING is a collective of artists. It was founded by Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee in 2017 and exists as a domain of possibilities shedding light on the trailblazing lives of East and Southeast Asian women today. XING champions the vagabonds, challenges hegemony, and celebrates a oneness through image and prose. The inaugural volume of XING (2017) explores the current landscape of women in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. An introductory text is written by Clara Lee. The photo series & publication has been featured in Dazed, Riposte, i-D Magazine amongst others.

XING premiered a selection of works at UNSEEN 2019, Amsterdam.

Contributors to XING:

  • Clara Lee 

  • Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee 

  • Jiatu Gu 

  • Mayumi Hosokura 

  • Ronan Mckenzie 

  • Ryo-ta Saitoh 

  • Samantha Yap 

  • Takuya Nagata 

  • Tammy Volpe 

  • Teresa Eng 

  • Vivian Fu 

  • Lin Zhipeng (aka No.223)

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