WEIXIN QUEK CHONG's (b.1988 Singapore) work draws from her fascination with the stylisation of natural elements, digital and organic memory systems and the relationship between surface and perceived superficiality. These concerns are seen as material metaphors for human social relationships and the psychology behind structures and projections of power, value and desire. Using video, drawing, textile and print, Chong uses signifiers of digital and organic elements to reflect on perceptions of collective histories.

Chong lives and works between Singapore and Madrid. The artist completed an MA in Fine Art, Printmaking at Royal College of Art, London. Her works have exhibited internationally including London, Paris, Vienna, Seoul and Singapore.

Recent achievements include: a nomination for the Queen Sonja Print Award 2018, a new body of work titled sft crsh ctrl which was produced for the President's Young Talents at Singapore Art Museum (Oct 2018 - Jan 2019). This installation won the Grand Prize (USD25,000) at the President's Young Talents Awards 2018. This year, Chong was awarded the 2019 Singapore National Arts Council Young Artist Award which entails a production grant of up to SGD20,000.

Chong has been awarded several other awards & scholarships: 2011 McNally Award for Excellence in Art (Lasalle College of the Arts valedictorian award) 2011 Tan Ean Kiam Postgraduate Bursary, Tan Kah Kee Foundation, 2010 Lasalle College of the Arts scholarship (final year studies, B.A. Hons program), 2009 Georgette Chen Arts Scholarship, National Arts Council.

She is currently artist-in-residence at the National Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art in Seoul from September to November 2019.

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Video Works

  • Eating Cake 1 (2018), 1 min 22secs

WeiXin Quek Chong. Eating Cake 1 (2018), 1m 22secs. Single channel loop video ©WeiXin Chong & A.I. Gallery

This video work formed part of sft crsh ctrl exhibition at Singapore Art Museum - Young President’s Talent Award 2018, in which Chong was awarded Grand Prize winner.

WeiXin Quek Chong. Sleepwalk (2010), 2m 25secs. Single channel loop video ©WeiXin Chong & A.I. Gallery

Sleepwalk is a composite video based on dream fragments reconstituted via descriptive keyword searches in YouTube and collaged together as a time-based image. Occurring subsconsciously through the night and fading almost immediately upon waking, the dreams leave monochromatic impressions on the mind.