These Hands Shall Carry You Home

Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee
Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee, 2019
Soft cover, colour; hand thread bind 45 pages
Dimensions: A5 publication

Limited edition A5 publication of 100 copies only, printed on the occasion of PhotoLondon 2019.


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In These hands shall carry you home, Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee assembles a collection of family images and manipulates them into abstraction. Family photography is an integral aspect of Elizabeth’s practice, and These hands shall carry you home is the result of her observation of such patterns in her practice that seem inherited from her father. Intimate details of hands— interlaced, gripped and embraced—are cropped and blown to monumental scale, superimposed and intervened. The result is a wallpaper resembling the galaxy in which memories, reclaimed or imagined, are scattered. Through the lens of personal histories, Elizabeth researches into the innate, collective and transcendental memory.


A wallpaper print comprising the abstracted imagery of hands (edition of 5, custom dimensions) is also available for sale. Exhibited at our booth during PhotoLondon 2019.

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© Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee, courtesy of the artist, A.I. Gallery

Soft cover, colour; hand thread bind
These Hands Shall Carry You Home: Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee
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