Flowers & Fruits (1st edition)

Lin Zhipeng (aka 223)
Softcover 176 pages
Publisher: T & M Projects
ISBN: 978-4-909442-09-2
Dimensions: 210 x 148cm




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Lin Zhipeng, aka no. 223 has been energetically presenting the spirits and activities of young people through photographs in conservative Chinese culture. He continues to portray a young generation who enjoys love and life, with joy, intimacy, and a playful image, while swinging between sexuality.

The film "Flowers and Fruits" is a series of photographs of flowers and fruits that he has taken many times as motifs of the subject. The flowers and fruits with vitality and beauty, which are deadly and rotten, and are very ugly, have fascinated many people at any time. Lynn consciously treats flowers and fruits in his photos, but in retrospect there were many images that were unconsciously reflected. The collaboration of flowers and fruits with swaying youth and life on death is fascinating and captivating. The flowering time may be very short. The flowers and fruits with that momentary glow can be said to be the same as the young people whose phosphorus has been copied.


© Lin Zhipeng, aka 223, courtesy of the artist, A.I. Gallery.

Flowers & Fruits (1st edition): Lin Zhipeng (aka 223)
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