XING, 2017
Colour - Hardback 60 pages

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XING is a domain of possibilities shedding light on the trailblazing lives of East Asian women. XING champions the vagabonds, challenges hegemony, and celebrates a oneness through imagery and prose. The XING Book features work from Beijing-based artist Lin Zhi Peng (aka No.223), to Japanese photographer Mayumi Hosokura, San Francisco-based artist Vivian Fu, and London-based photographer Ronan Mckenzie. Preface by Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee and essays by Clara Lee and Samantha Yap.

Full List of Contributors:
Clara Lee 
Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee 
Jiatu Gu 
Mayumi Hosokura 
Ronan Mckenzie 
Ryo-ta Saitoh 
Samantha Yap 
Takuya Nagata 
Tammy Volpe 
Teresa Eng 
Vivian Fu 
Lin Zhipeng (aka No.223)


© XING, courtesy of the artist, A.I. Gallery

Colour - Hardback
Photobook: XING
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