Without Appeal | Enthusiasm Is Blasting Out of All of My Holes (Publication)


Without Appeal | Enthusiasm Is Blasting Out of All of My Holes (Publication)


Paperback self-publication, limited edition of 100 copies only. 76 pages, 129 x 198 mm, black & white. Published in June 2018. Language: English. ISBN: 978-1-9996504-0-7.

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© without appeal, courtesy of the artist, A.I. Gallery.

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Enthusiasm Is Blasting Out of All of My Holes is the result of a six-month long project which took place between Hunedoara, Warsaw, Venice and Paris. With roots in Guy Debord’s ideas on psychogeography and cultivating a new awareness of inhabited environments, the publication contains a selection of personal micro-narratives inspired by travels to multiple locations throughout Europe. The book features texts and photography alongside images from the photomontage series 'Everything That Is Man-Made Requiries Maintenance,' which was recently debuted by A.I. Gallery in a group exhibition in May 2018.  

An excerpt from the publication:

"It’s odd to think of a time when my digital detritus will act as ruins as fossils carrying a convoluted sense of self  an epicentre of individuality I’d cling to. They say the damage is worst in the epicentre."


without appeal is an artist collective founded by Lia Boscu and Will Gresson in late 2016. Born out of a dialogue concerning notions of the archive, it functions as a framework to present research-oriented projects within wider collaborative networks. without appeal also operates as a self-publishing imprint, releasing books, zines and sound work in limited runs.

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