Sarah CHOO JING | Consecutive Breaths, 2016 (Video)

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Sarah CHOO JING | Consecutive Breaths, 2016 (Video)


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Single channel HD Video on USB stick

Duration: 11m 58sec. Edition size: 5 + 1AP

Accompanied with a signed certificate of authenticity. Standard domestic shipping is complimentary; international shipping quote available on request.

This work was exhibited at LOOP Barcelona 2018.

Vimeo link to video work

© Sarah Choo Jing, courtesy of A.I. Gallery

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This video work presents an intersection of ongoing trajectories on a journey. Taking on the role as an anonymous voyeur; Choo observes and re-presents constructed coincidences and happenings on the Mass Transit Railway in Hong Kong.

Taking the viewer through time, the artist patrols the space between the real and the constructed, the actual and the imagined; between intimacy and estrangement. Through observing actual characters and moments in time, she presents a composite of documented footages; suggesting a potential narrative within an increasingly isolated urban aquarium. Occasionally chasing and often searching for a temporal connection with strangers, Choo emphasizes on the very act of waiting and exemplifies on the deliberate slowing down of time. There is an uneasy recognition that the encountered scenes are lacerated culminations of the past, present and future. With a clear absence in communication, estranged passengers are taken from one point to another, in-between moments; in-transit.

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