Mayumi Hosokura | Takuro Someya Contemporary Art

Takuro Someya Contemporary Art, September 27, 2021

The Eye Draws | Mayumi Hosokura

4 September - 9 October, 2021




Takuro Someya Contemporary Art is pleased to announce Mayumi Hosokura’s upcoming solo exhibition The Eye Draws, opening on Saturday, September 4th.

This is Hosokura’s first solo exhibition at TSCA and follows the group exhibition Digitalis or the First-Person Camera, organized by Hosokura and held in April of this year. In The Eye Draws, Hosokura presents “digitalis,” a series of video works first shown in Digitalis or the First-Person Camera, as well as “Sen to Te,” a new series of photograms with machine embroidery.

Hosokura has, in recent years, been interested in creating works as a field of intersecting gazes. In “NEW SKIN,” presented in 2019, the artist layered photographs taken from various media into a digital collage, visualizing the multitude of gazes directed toward the male body.

In the two series comprising this exhibition, “digitalis” and “Sen to Te,” the collage and layering of photographs are simplified, presented as a device through which viewers may rediscover their own unique gaze.