Haffendi Anuar | JWD Art Space

JWD Art Space , September 13, 2021

Online round table “Boundaries Beyond Life: Memory, Myth and Matter”


For this webinar, we invite selected artists featured in the exhibition “A Life Beyond Boundary (The Geography of Belonging)” to revisit A Life Beyond Boundary: A Memoir— a memoir by Benedict Anderson (1936-2015), and the source of inspiration for the exhibition. The book described not only Anderson’s memory of working in Southeast Asia, but his extraordinary life. It was published in Japanese, English and Thai after he passed away; it has outlived the author and overcomes its sense of geographical belonging. We invite a moderator-Vipash Purichanont and selected artists featured in the exhibition- Citra Sasmita, Haffendi Anuar, Soe Yu Nwe and Vuth Lyno to examine their art practices and explore topics of their interests that might outlive their life, such as memory, myths, and materiality. - JWD Art Space 




Friday September 17 @2 PM (GMT +7)
In conversation with: Citra Sasmita, Haffendi Anuar, Soe Yu Nwe, Vuth Lyno
Moderator: Vipash Purichanont
Curator & Host: Loredana Pazzini


You can join the meeting following on Zoom this link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89946658901 The event will also be streamed live on Facebook.