Sarah Choo Jing | Daegu Photo Biennale

Daegu Photo Biennale, September 9, 2021

Daegu Art Center (Director: Kim Hyeongguk) announced that they will be hosting 2021 Daegu Photo Biennale from September 10 to November 2 at a variety of locations in Daegu, including the Daegu Art Center and Daegu Dongsan Hospital.


The most significant feature of 2021 Daegu Photo Biennale is reflecting the "spirit of the age"; it is transformed into a new concept artistic exhibition showing the COVID-19 pandemic era with the increased number of outdoor galleries easily accessible to everyone, such as Dongsan Hospital, Cheongra Hill and Dongdaegu Station Plaza, while introducing the social media and non-contact programs.


The theme that 2021 Daegu Photo Biennale will explore with 50 renowned artists including Erwin OlafSarah Choo Jing and Simon Norfolk is "Missing Agenda (Even Below 37.5)" – in the face of unprecedented pandemic they will critically review the environment, capital, and discrimination that mankind has made, and also look back on the function and role of photography contributing to them. This exhibition will be taken place in Exhibition Halls 1 to 10 in the Daegu Art Center.