Hausian Herman’s Archive Workshop 匯舍藝術家 Herman 的檔案工作坊

16:00 - 18:30, 28/11/2020 (Sat 六)


Idea developed and hosted by 工作坊意念及主辦
Herman Rahman

The aims of the workshop is to expand ideas around the archive, the limits, potential and looking at an archive as a departure point in one's practice. The workshop looks to view an archive as a means of not only preserving the past, but about modes of sharing the common. Participants are encouraged to build an archive, with the eventual goal of building up narratives using a common pool of images. The ideas around the workshop include authorship. multimodality, and appropriation, including the application of the archive in an art practice.




  • Exchange of image and ideas

  • Reflection on an archive as an intersection of community and narrative building

  • Collective and individual memories and modes of seeing and remembering

  • Representational strategies


Requirement for the participants

  • Bring 20 printed photographs, with a single image not being any bigger than 4x6 inches

  • The photographs need not necessarily be taken by the participant

  • Examples include, but not limited to; vernacular images, portraits, landscapes, images from historic events. 




"(Chinese text below) HART Social Studio Showcase “#Ew! Normal?” presents an exciting opportunity to visit the space where 17 artists of diverse backgrounds explore synergetic art practices and create a community of their own. This particular showcase brings up the question of what it means to be ‘social’ in the ‘socially distanced era’. 


Visitors will not only have the opportunity to view displayed artwork from each of the artists, but also have the chance to be welcomed into the private workstations of the participating artists. The showcase also consists of the dialogues and dynamics arising in the art ecosystem.


The opening of the showcase will be at 6pm, 20 November (Friday) with a collective performance; rethinking the community building ethos of HART Haus. The showcase will also include a workshop to reveal how both communal and individual narratives are created from participant photographs, and will occur on 28 November (Saturday). Lastly, panel discussions will occur on 5 December (Saturday). They will involve the participating artists and the members of the collective performance to examine a deeper meaning the social within contemporary art practice.


The showcase will open to the public for six weeks, from 20 November 2020 until 6 January 2021. Prior to visiting, make sure to reserve a timeslot 24 hours in advance at the top of this page. Opening hours are 3~7pm on weekdays and 12~5pm on Weekends. The showcase will be closed on 25, 26, 31 December and 1 January. We look forward to showcasing the social with you through these final days of a most abnormal year."