Sarah Choo Jing | Le Figaro

Le Figaro, May 27, 2015

● Reality is a theater for Sarah Choo Jing

She is only 25 years old but she is mounted on a Duracell battery and speaks like a machine gun. Born in Singapore in 1990, continuing her artistic training at the Slate Art School of London, Sarah Choo Jing does not wait for questions to answer them. A great thirst for action and recognition, an already acute sense of composition, of communication, and a very sure idea of ​​what she wants to undertake.


The young AI Gallery in Princelet Street (London) hung it from the entrance to the mezzanine, the discovery floor where groups of collectors jostle. Among her early fans, Emmanuelle de L'Ecotais, who heads the photo department at the Museum of Modern Art in the City of Paris , very happy to see her protege progress and to be able to show her on such a fair at all new club of patron-collectors .

"It was a Tuesday, like any other Tuesday" is a 2013 series taken outside the window of his bedroom in London. It's between the Dollhouse, a tidy miniature with disturbing sweetness, and the horror film that lies dormant ( our photo ).


The series “Puddles in the City” (2014) portrays a character dressed as an emblem of his city (Paris, London, New York) in the middle of an urban night. “The image looks posed, it is nothing. I love walking alone at night in the city, we see more and better there, "says the young artist admirer of the American photographer Gregory Crewdson and fierce film buff, fan of Fenêtre sur cour d'Hitchcock, of 1046 by Wong Kar-waï, and Le Cuisinier, the thief, his wife and lover, by Peter Greenaway.