STOTT (b. 1962, U.S.) is a retired NASA Astronaut. She is a veteran of two spaceflights and 104 days living and working in space on both the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station (ISS) including three Space Shuttle missions (STS128, STS129, STS133) and two ISS missions (Expeditions 20 & 21), and one spacewalk. She is also a NASA Aquanaut and is the holder of the Women's World Record for saturation diving following her 18 day mission with the NEEMO9 crew on the Aquarius undersea habitat.

Seeing the Earth from Space, Stott had an epiphany. In awe of the overwhelming beauty of our home planet, she knew that she would dedicate the rest of her life to sharing that experience with others.

After 28 years with NASA, she has begun her next adventure as a full-time Artist and motivational speaker. Through her artwork, she will uniquely share the awesome beauty she was blessed to experience through the windows of her spacecraft, and she will continue to promote the amazing things we’re doing every day in space that benefit us all right here on Earth. Combining her artwork and spaceflight experience, she is also actively working to inspire student, educator, and society’s interest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) that comes wonderfully through the integration of Art and Science.

Stott was born in Albany, NY and is currently living and working in Florida, USA.  


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