Waiting for the Elevator

Sarah Choo Jing | 19th Japan Media Arts Festival

Dates: 3 - 14 February 2016


The Japan Media Arts Festival is a comprehensive festival of Media Arts (=*Media Geijyutsu*) that honours outstanding works from a diverse range of media- from animation and comics to media art and games. 

Sarah Choo Jing's 'Waiting for the Elevator' (2014, multi-channel video installation) is featured under the Jury Selection in the 19th Japan Media Arts Festival - Art Division.

The work depicts a documentation of several events at the street level of different housing estates across Singapore combined into one uninterrupted panorama. These openings, ironically known as “void decks”, were intentionally designed as community spaces. Viewers witness isolated individuals immersed in seemingly repetitive routines such as smoking, resting or talking on the mobile. Unlike Choo’s earlier staged works, the characters are unaware of the artist’s camera. A sense of anticipation is prolonged by the continuous length of street, the accompanying suspenseful music, as well as the individuals’ repetitive actions. The transition between ordinary scenes transports viewers in time and space so that they become the ones waiting for the elevator, waiting for something to happen.