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Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee | UNSEEN Living Room

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Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee will be taking part in the panel Globalised Aesthetics - Fluidity of images moderated by Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger (Professor of Exhibition Studies and Spatiality at University of the Arts, Helsinki) on Saturday 21 Sep 12.00-13.00.

LagosPhoto presents Globalised Aesthetics - Fluidity of images.
In the digital world conversing and corresponding aesthetics allow images to become mobile irrespective of their heritage. In this conversation, the panel questions if the art market truly embraces various tonalities, if aesthetics intersect effortlessly as it did before the internet, and if photographers can resist fashion and trends in order to work intrinsically.

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Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee is an artist based between London and Singapore. Her work navigates the nuances and intricacies that arise out of history and memory. Meditating on fractured and lost traditions, themes of displacement and nostalgia weave in and out of her storytelling. Through visual and textual interventions, she attempts an undoing of power structures and knowledge production. By negotiating the dynamic of the ‘near’ and ‘elsewhere’, her practice works to remap a singular history, steering narratives toward alternate and fluid territories.


A first look at the photographers to know at Unseen Amsterdam

In anticipation of the photography festival’s return next month, we round up our favourite picks from the 2019 programme.


Alternative narratives are a running theme at this year’s festival, and XING is no different. Founded by Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee, XING is an online collective seeking to represent the lives of East and Southeast Asian women today. Lee established XING in order to combat societal misconceptions surrounding Asian women, specifically looking to challenge notions of fetisiation. The photography is striking—a blend of humour, eroticism and care. As XING say themselves, “We champion the vagabonds, challenge hegemony, and celebrate a oneness through imagery and prose.”

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