START Art Fair

WeiXin Chong | START Art Fair (15-18 Sep, 4.30-5pm): Daily Performance

VIP Preview: Wednesday 14 September 2016      15.00 hrs –21.00 hrs

Public: Thursday 15 September 2016                    11.00 hrs –18.00 hrs

Public: Friday 16 September 2016                         11.00 hrs –18.00 hrs

Public: Saturday 17 September 2016                     11.00 hrs –18.00 hrs

Public: Sunday 18 September 2016                       11.00 hrs –17.00 hrs


A.I. is pleased to be returning to the third edition of START. This year, we are participating in the invitational section of the fair presenting solo booths of artists selected by, Fair Director, Niru Ratnam.

Our booth project titled Debris by WEIXIN CHONG (b. Singapore) features a varied collection of works that explore the concept of ephemera, both natural and man-made.

On the public days at the fair booth (4.30pm – 5pm), the artist will be leading a participative work with the audience called Dictation 2.1. A dictation session -transcribing a text as print creates, in the artist’s own words, a kind of force field; the magnetic field of suspended tension that forms around its participants and also the direct line of focus that it causes to occur- a line of conveyance between the dictator and transcribers/subjects, that makes them into one unit. Dictation is an on-going series of events, with each edition being an exploration of a unique setting and a different text. A copy of the transcription will be available for audience members to take away and keep.

Chong seeks to challenge the notion of natural versus artificial ephemera in the form of print (photographic & textile), text and drawings. The etymology of the word ‘ephemera’, in its ancient sense, extends to the mayfly and other short lived insects, flowers and for something which lasts a day or a short period of time. The artist plays on this very idea that any transitory written or printed matter are meant to be neither retained nor preserved. The imagery of this very debris is captured in a flash, frozen-in-flight aesthetic or even as a transcription.

Chong is fascinated with the relationships between digital and organic, surface and perceived superficiality. Materials, text and happenings become metaphors of the psychology behind structures and projections of power, value and desire. The effects and methods of manipulating and reproducing imagery across materials feature strongly in her practice. The translation of things -its possibilities, impossibilities, failures and transcendence are always in her mind.


Dictation 2.1 - Participative perfomance by WeiXin Chong during START Art Fair 2016 solo booth presentation with A.I. Gallery. Image courtesy: A.I. Gallery

Artist Talk: James Seow & WeiXin Chong | Sat 12 Sep, 2pm - 2.45pm

START Art Fair | Booth 4.4

Meet the artists, James Seow & WeiXin Chong at our fair booth for an informal talk about their recent works.

James Seow (b.1971, U.K.) works across a range of media and techniques including prints, photography, sculpture and installation. Seow’s hybrid Malaysian and British identity often inspires architectural and urban themes in his work. While he presents the city as a dynamic and vital force, he often raises questions about contemporary urban life: the way we plan, build, consume and experience our cities.  His work is concerned with themes of urbanism, social control, and political struggle. Collectively, his works demonstrate the human attempt to impose order on natural forces, depicting the struggle between the natural and the artificial, the rational and the instinctual.

WeiXin Chong's (b.1988) work is drawn from fascination with the stylisation of natural elements, digital and organic memory systems and the relationship between surface and perceived superficiality. The artist sees these concerns as material metaphors for human social relationships and the psychology behind the structures and projections of power, value and desire. Interactions of the digital and the organic, and the effects and methods of reproducing and manipulating images across materials, are core to her practice.

Chong lives and works in Singapore. She is currently an artist in residence at the Centre of Contemporary Art, Singapore (Aug-Nov 2015). 

James Seow. Please Let Me In, 2014.  Giclee print. 39cm x 48cm.   ©  James Seow, courtesy of A.I.

James Seow. Please Let Me In, 2014. Giclee print. 39cm x 48cm. © James Seow, courtesy of A.I.

WeiXin Chong. Day Panorama (Detail) (Series: Neo-Netsuke), 2013. Giclee print on Hahnemuhle. 80cm x 37.5cm. Edition of 3. © WeiXin Chong, courtesy of A.I.

WeiXin Chong. Day Panorama (Detail) (Series: Neo-Netsuke), 2013. Giclee print on Hahnemuhle. 80cm x 37.5cm. Edition of 3. © WeiXin Chong, courtesy of A.I.