Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

WeiXin Chong | RA Summer Exhibition 2017

New work in Gallery VII

WeiXin CHONG's drawing titled Sleepwalk (2016, pen & ink, 20 x  25cm) is on exhibition at the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition 2017 in Gallery VII. The unique work links back to her video work produced in 2010, similarly titled. To view, follow link here.

WeiXin CHONG.  Sleepwalk , 2016 (pen & ink). Courtesy WeiXin Chong & A.I. Gallery

WeiXin CHONG. Sleepwalk, 2016 (pen & ink). Courtesy WeiXin Chong & A.I. Gallery

Description of the RA's Gallery VII's hang below:

In the second of the print galleries, Rebecca Salter RA surrounds us with people, animals and the places they occupy. As we investigate the works, we become tourists and voyeurs. We are drawn into the privacy of individual rooms and we surreptitiously look out through doorways or windows. In some of these works, we see tumbledown buildings and slow decay; in others we find industry, energy and new possibility – building sites, gas rigs and commuters hurrying to work. But the world we occupy is natural as well as urban. In this room, we encounter forces of nature, as well as the importance of our relationships with animals.

Link to the work online at the RA Summer Exhibition 2017 here 

James Seow | RA Summer Exhibition 2016

RA Summer Exhibition 2016 - Gallery X

British/Malaysian artist, James Seow, is exhibiting 'Grey Area II' (2015) at the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition in Gallery X. 

Bill Woodrow RA has hung this gallery, which this year focuses on photography and in particular, turning photographs into an environment through which we can contemplate the world. Seow's work hangs on the north wall alongside a series of unpopulated landscapes by artists including Thomas Ruff, Wolfgang Tillmans, Mitch Epstein, Ackroyd & Harvey. The images evoke both the sublime and the everyday, in the words of the exhibition text: "[it aims] to introduce the vast and limitless scenes in which we become lost in the nebulous uncertainty of the natural world".



James Seow (b.1971, U.K.) works across a range of media and techniques including prints, photography, sculpture and installation. Seow’s hybrid Malaysian and British identity often inspires architectural and urban themes in his work. While he presents the city as a dynamic and vital force, he often raises questions about contemporary urban life: the way we plan, build, consume and experience our cities.  His work is concerned with themes of urbanism, social control, and political struggle; seeking to create work that investigate alternative ways of reading photographic images. Collectively, his works demonstrate the human attempt to impose order on natural forces, depicting the struggle between the natural and the artificial, the rational and the instinctual.

Seow’s work has been exhibited internationally and is in the collection of various private individuals as well as Central St Martins School of Art and Design, London and Royal College of Art, London and Brookfield Asset Management Inc. A recent commission involved a 5 metre long piece in an architect’s office in London, and exhibitions are planned in China for the latter part of 2015.

Installation view at RA Summer Exhibition 2016, Gallery X

Installation view at RA Summer Exhibition 2016, Gallery X