WeiXin Chong | CARRARA

Exhibition EXCAVATA at CARRARA, Italy by WeiXin Chong & Gabriele Dini


Dates: 4- 18 November 2016

Venue: Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Carrara, Palazzo Binelli, Via Verdi 7, Carrara (Tuscany), ITALY

Opening times: 4th Nov from 17:00, M-F: 09.00-12.00, 15.00-17.00


The exhibition titled Excavata showcases the artistic outcomes of research and residency exchanges between Italy & Singapore by both artists WeiXin CHONG (b. Singapore) & Gabriele DINI (b. Italy). Past & present use of natural resources in both Carrara, Italy and Singapore are extrapolated and explored through material and aesthetic expressions.


CHONG plays with images, entities and surfaces as material metaphors for social relationships and the psychology behind structures and projections of power, value and desire. The Suiseki art of seeking landscapes within a piece of stone is a connoisseurship of aesthetic and philosophical potential, and is the starting point for her work in this series. 

WeiXin CHONG.  Suiseki Softfall 1.0

WeiXin CHONG. Suiseki Softfall 1.0

WeiXin Chong | BAU 13: Dress Codex, Italy

BAU Contenitore Di Cultura Contemporanea, Italy - Issue 13: DRESS CODEX (June 2016)

Artist WeiXin Quek Chong is participating in BAU's residency & presenting at Issue 13 in collaboration with fellow artist Pauline Cambria Ermond.

The collaboration resulted in the production of Sous-Vide (真空), 2015. In French : sousvide, under emptiness; in Chinese : zhenkong or 真空, true emptiness. In their own words: "Both of us are really into disappearance, decay, failure, disintegration, delinquence, regression, or the states of being that are considered as such. Loss is a good word to summarize all that stuff.”

Clothing discarded in streets in Laeken/Scharbeek/Molenbeek in Brussels, and Charleroi, Belgium, were vacuum-packed by the artists. Following the aftermath of 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris there was a heavy subsequent backlash against Belgium for perceived failure to control/regulate the neighbourhoods where the attackers were based. As Quek & Cambrai's Brussels base is located within the vicinity of these highlighted neighbourhoods, this work was a personal reflection on states of Un-Dress.

This close collaboration involved conceptualising and carrying out the project together, subsequently presented in NTU-CCA Singapore with the main edition of 150 pieces to be shown summer 2016 as part of BAU ISSUE 13: DRESS CODEX.

The works are available for sale via BAU & all proceeds are used towards future residencies.

WeiXin Chong & Pauline Cambrai Ermond. Sous-Vide (真空), 2015