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Channel 4 - Man Made Planet: Earth from Space


Using images of Earth taken from space across the last 45 years and stunning time-lapse sequences, astronauts reveal how humanity is transforming the world - for better and worse. In 1972, the crew of Apollo 17 captured the iconic ‘Blue Marble’ - the only photograph ever taken by an astronaut of the entire Earth. Since then, NASA has taken much more.

Alongside fellow astronauts, Nicole Stott, highlights that population growth has changed the view of cities, creating mega-cities from virtually nothing: "To see these glowing cities kind of popping out at you at night is really pretty incredible. For me it opened up this whole new view of looking at places like China. "You can imagine all of these people bustling around that area, but it’s like the mute button is on. It’s a very surreal thing. It gets you thinking about what are all those people doing down there?"


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View of a man-made salt pond in Australia (Photo credit: NASA/Channel 4)