START in Cereal
[A.I. booth 4.4 installation photograph]


START is a contemporary art fair that promotes emerging artists and new art scenes from around the world. The show is now in its second incarnation and offers a considered and varied edit of international art under one, handsome roof. We are proud to be one of the media sponsors of this year's show, which runs from 10-13 September at Saatchi Gallery in London.

The ground and first floor play host to 38 galleries from a diverse group of cities, ranging from New York and Tehran, to Lagos and Seoul. On the second floor, START Projects present curator-led solo presentations and group exhibitions. This includes one of the highlights of the show – an immersive digital art presentation, "Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders", created by a 500-strong collective from Japan called teamLab. A tremendous digital installation that envelops the viewer in an otherworldly, technicolour environment of flowers that bloom and wither in real time and in response to the movements of the visitor, it's a captivating experience when paired with the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack.