Sarah Choo Jing | Book launch in SGP

The City Book - SINGAPORE by Production Q

Featuring 8 local Singaporean artists including Sarah Choo Jing

Details of book launch:

  • Date: Friday 13 January 2017 (Singapore Arts Week 2017)
  • Venue: SPRMRKT @ STPI - Creative Workshop & Gallery, Singapore
  • Publication by Production Q
  • Limited edition: 1500 copies

"THE CITY BOOK" packed in a luxurious hardcover format that comes with "THE CITY MAP" as a set, is here to provide you with all the spots in the city that have inspired these city-based artists to create their work.

Each artist has provided his or her own personal story through quotes and texts. The locations and stories in this book are also laid out on an illustrated map to provide travellers with a more personal way to see a city.

The Singapore edition holds within it the stories of Chinese, Malay, and Indian artists who reflect the diverse perspectives of Singaporean culture. The various themes of their works – urban isolation, nostalgia, nature, transitory spaces – are part of the tapestry of multicultural Singapore and you will find a lot of pleasure in following these narrative threads.

Artists: Genevieve Chua, Sarah Choo Jing, Hilmi Johandi, Charles Lim, Tang Ling Nah, Dawn Ng, Shubigi Rao, Robert Zhao Renhui

Date of Publication : 11th NOV 2016  

Size: 20.8cm x 26cm x 8.2cm 

Production Q | The City Book - SINGAPORE