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All the Lonely People


"I sense the social alienation and isolation in individuals across cities such as Paris, London, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong. I suppose this theme of solitude is a running thread through my practice" -Sarah Choo Jing


The solo exhibition titled "Flights of Mind” took place with a small gallery in the PMQ area, Hong Kong. It consisted of new works involving the subject matter of people in transit on Hong Kong's MTR system. China Daily reports that the portraits are "a homage to some of the finest in painting, theatre and photography” and the artist references director Wong Kar Wai as an influence on her practice.

New works include a triptych series titled "At the Beginning of the End" depicting standing passengers during the urban rush hour, seen through the train's windows, either staring poignantly down into their hand-held devices or out into the abyss. Each waiting in transit, with the sense of passing time through MTR stops until their respective stations for exit. A new panoramic work titled "In Matter & Memory" (220cm x 110cm) captures, in black and white, the arrivals of these MTR's passengers onto the platform and their momentous mass exit in a slow fade-like motion. Meanwhilst, Choo's "Glass Walls" portrait series depicts an individual passenger in a fluid, slow fade aesthetic again. The printing technique used here is a bleed of the photograph and resulting painterly effect.


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Sarah Choo Jing.  At the Beginning of the End , 2016. 50cm x 75cm.

Sarah Choo Jing. At the Beginning of the End, 2016. 50cm x 75cm.

Sarah Choo Jing.  In Matter & Memory , 2016. 220cm x 110cm

Sarah Choo Jing. In Matter & Memory, 2016. 220cm x 110cm

Sarah Choo Jing.  Glass Walls II , 2016. 70cm x 70cm.

Sarah Choo Jing. Glass Walls II, 2016. 70cm x 70cm.