WeiXin Chong | BAU 13: Dress Codex, Italy

BAU Contenitore Di Cultura Contemporanea, Italy - Issue 13: DRESS CODEX (June 2016)

Artist WeiXin Quek Chong is participating in BAU's residency & presenting at Issue 13 in collaboration with fellow artist Pauline Cambria Ermond.

The collaboration resulted in the production of Sous-Vide (真空), 2015. In French : sousvide, under emptiness; in Chinese : zhenkong or 真空, true emptiness. In their own words: "Both of us are really into disappearance, decay, failure, disintegration, delinquence, regression, or the states of being that are considered as such. Loss is a good word to summarize all that stuff.”

Clothing discarded in streets in Laeken/Scharbeek/Molenbeek in Brussels, and Charleroi, Belgium, were vacuum-packed by the artists. Following the aftermath of 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris there was a heavy subsequent backlash against Belgium for perceived failure to control/regulate the neighbourhoods where the attackers were based. As Quek & Cambrai's Brussels base is located within the vicinity of these highlighted neighbourhoods, this work was a personal reflection on states of Un-Dress.

This close collaboration involved conceptualising and carrying out the project together, subsequently presented in NTU-CCA Singapore with the main edition of 150 pieces to be shown summer 2016 as part of BAU ISSUE 13: DRESS CODEX.

The works are available for sale via BAU & all proceeds are used towards future residencies.

WeiXin Chong & Pauline Cambrai Ermond. Sous-Vide (真空), 2015