WeiXin Chong | Urban Explorations: Singapour en France - le festival

Urban Explorations: Snapshot of Two Cities 
A Partner Event of Singapour en France – le festival 

Dates: 27 April to 31 May 2015 (Residency), 3 to 14 June (Exhibition) 
Venue: Atelier Damien Valéro, Paris 

Urban Explorations is an ongoing investigation of how people of various communities around the world relate to aspects of their urban environment through the senses. The project brings together a group of artists/researchers/scientists to participate in urban sensing, an art-science approach to exploring the conditions of an urban space through data collection from low-tech tools and equipment. Their findings will then be transfigured into designed objects or artifacts that come together in a molecular group exhibition representing snapshots of a particular city at a particular time in both an objective (data collection) and subjective (artifact) manner. 

Urban Explorations takes into account the emerging trends of Citizen-science and the Maker Movement as the context behind its concept. Citizen-science reflects the current demand for a community driven bottom up approach to science that focuses on hands-on interactions with scientific methods and solutions. This model overlaps with the Do-ItYourself practices of the Maker Movement that prioritizes independent innovation and self-reliance in the creation process.

During this residency, WeiXin Chong produced a new series of work titled Toute La Nuit.