LIN ZHIPENG (林志鹏), aka 223 (b.1979, Guangdong) - considered to be part of the ‘next generation’ of young Chinese photographers. Sexuality and gender have become a central theme in his work: the ambiguous, the frivolous, wet kisses exchanged between men, female fetishism, bodily closeness, sexual lust. 223 was born in Guangdong province, China, and graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies with major of financial English. He is currently based in Beijing. He has contributed to numerous creative and fashion magazines as editor and writer and has produced photo shoots for magazines such as Vice, S magazine, VISION, iLOOK, City Pictorial, etc.

Lin Zhipeng name himself “No.223” after the lovelorn cop character in Wong Kar-wai’s movie Chungking Express.

223’s works are currently exhibited in a group show I’m (At War) In Love with the Obvious’ at The Address Gallery (Italy 18th May - 16th June) and ‘Then and Now, Life and Dreams Revisited’ The Walther Collection (Germany, 5th May - 27th October 2019).

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