STRUENGMANN's (b.1986, Germany) primary interest lies within the shifting boundaries within the photographic medium. The series Articulated Silence, four years in the making, exploits a large spectrum of pictorial possibilities between dramatic illusion and abstract nature. Struengmann captures each image's intrinsic value by intensifying its composition and viewpoint. A complex multi-faceted reflection between fiction and reality develops and becomes a metaphor for the perception of an imaginary landscape.

The artist is also concerned with exploring the parallel between photography and drawing. Using experimental techniques, her practice has evolved to challenge the engagement with surface, light, negative and positive and the trace; the sense of an invisible ‘apparatus’ (the camera, pen or needle).

Struengmann completed a BFA in photography and design at Parsons School of Design in New York, where she subsequently spent five years working as a designer and creative director in various of fields including fashion and film, before returning to Munich to set up a creative studio. The artist has exhibited at UNSEEN Fair 2016 Amsterdam, PhotoLondon 2015, a group show in Kunstverien Munich (2015) and CameraWorks, Berlin (2015) as well as Daniel Cooney Fine Arts Gallery, New York (2009); Espace Commines, Paris (2008); Slideluck Potshow, Berlin (2010); Gallery Bar, New York (2010) and Calumet Gallery, New York (2009). 


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