TERRA / Earthbound: 51 Southwark Street, London

A.I. presents a group exhibition exploring the age of networked technologies, contemporary landscape and surveillance.


Extending from Land Art, Charles Danby (b.1976, U.K.) & Rob Smith’s (b.1976, U.K.) research-based practice explores contemporary landscape and the wider intra-relationships between human and non-human aspects of a site. The Quarry examines the site of Robert Smithson’s artwork, Chalk Mirror Displacement, which was produced for the ICA London exhibition in 1969 titled When Attitudes Become Form. In 2011, Danby & Smith entered an archive in search of the site of an artwork. In 2012, they travelled to Yorkshire, England and entered the quarry. An asynchronous sound work to the video will be broadcasted on 87.5FM & online on Radio Anti –the official ArtLicks Weekend radio station. Radio Anti is ‘discontinuous’ in nature & seeks to explore different ways of being a radio station with each broadcast.


Johan Dehlin's (b.1981, Sweden) photography works are concerned with documenting the gap between dream, desire and reality in the built environment. His work comments on the vernacular culture including the human and political landscape within societies.

James Seow (b.1971, U.K.) demonstrates the human attempt to impose order on natural forces, the struggle between the natural and the artificial, the rational and the instinctual. Together, Seow’s Grey Area series & Garden with a View series hover in that perfect tension exploring the theme of surveillance.


Hyun-Min Ryu (b.1979, South Korea) transforms scenes of impotence, loss and frustration into moments of escape, revealing aspects of the magical and the truthful in human existence. Ryu’s Giggle series follows the life of a ‘test subject’ with a pre-occupation with attempting perilous tasks inevitably bound for failure. His works are known for their experimental mix of humour and drama exploring, in particular, feelings of isolation and disconnect despite connectivity arising from social media & technology.