Photo London Digital 2020: Discovery Section

We are pleased to be returning to & participating in the inaugural PhotoLondon Digital (Discovery Section) this year. Our online booth features works by three female artists: Mayumi Hosokura (b.1979, Japan), Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee (b.1994, Singapore) & Fiona Ones (b.1985, Germany) exploring the themes of body, gender, memory, identity and process.


Hosokura's works are intimate, one-of-a-kind collages. She has never previously exhibited or produced these unique photographic works. The theme explored is of the body & particularly, blurring the boundaries between male & female. A new MACK publication titled 'New Skin' published this spring 2020 explores this further. Drawing on feminist theory by Donna Harraway and current technological innovations, 'New Skin' anticipates the future of the body in a time of advancing digital and bio-technologies. Signed copies of this publication is available to purchase via our online shop. Hosokura has exhibted internationally & was the 2011 FOAM Talent award winner.


Lee's selection of photographs are from a series titled 'Were You a Flower to Tuck Away?'. The artist weaves a narrative of images based on her grandmother's funeral -the theme of behind this series of works is memory and identity. The black & white images are printed on Japanese washi paper. Brought up in Singapore with a Peranakan heritage and time spent consuming the West... "...DK encyclopaedias, McDonald’s drive throughs, and Enid Blyton. I grew up wanting to emulate the fair-skinned lady on TV; it wasn’t just her appearance I was after—her lifestyle inhabited my subconscious. I rejected my Peranakan heritage almost completely in my teenage years—it was too familiar to be desired, and it just wasn’t ‘exotic’ enough. A decade later and here I am, stringing remains together, retrieving forgotten memorabilia from what feels like a past life."


Finally, our booth features a selection of works from Ones. The 'NeedleView' series are black & white images shot using a self-modified pin hole camera. Referring to this series of works: "Using poetic language, Fiona ventures into the photographic realm that touches on the very limits of our perception or art. Relying on both her own and the viewers' sensibilities, she captures moments that seem familiar, but within the recesses of one's memory emerge in such a fleeting and fragile manner that they become almost impossible to seize without destroying them." -Diandra Donecker


All works published online are available to view via prior appointment at:


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