YUKI NAKAYAMA  (b. 1992, Okinawa, Japan) works and lives in New York. 
Nakayama’s pieces paint a dialogue between objects in space as she explores the movement of stillness and it’s playful act. Using superimposed perspectives, her paintings explore the stillness of an object, it’s volume,and it’s environment. Each character has its own rhythm, claiming their relationships to one another. The objects are the pivoting points in which the shadows explore the crevices of its surroundings. They absorb and reflect like sound traveling between and within. Inviting the eyes to fluidly change in scale as one moves through and beyond.
In 2008, Nakayama decided to move to New York to pursue her passion for the arts. Graduated from Parsons the New School for Design, she studied interior design where she began exploring spaces of play in the domestic and public environment. As her interest grew to larger scales, she graduated from The Cooper Union, where she studied architecture. Before coming back to Okinawa, she lived in New York for over ten years.