BETSY BRADLEY (b. 1992, Bath, United Kingdom)  practice seeks to communicate an experience of the present moment, embodying a dialogue between thought and action. Paint acts as an extension of the artist’s body and mind, physically suspending impulsive gesture. Her meditative processes unify these elements of being; moments free from thought in which the paint takes on its own agency. Driven by discovery, Betsy deliberately evokes moments that lie on the cusp of becoming. Her use of found materials and improvised mark-making tools challenge the hierarchical connotations of traditional painting. Fluid interaction between loose canvas and found objects extends this gesture beyond mark making on to the painting as an object itself. Informed by their immediate surroundings, improvisational structures serve as both supports and sculptures in her practice that question conventional notions of painting display. Betsy relies on a reciprocal relationship with her environment; spontaneous responses to materials around her result in adaptable works that upend the expected functionality of object and artwork.


Selected recent solo exhibitions include Betsy Bradley, Vardaxoglou, London (2022); Singing with the Tide, Katie Lindsay Gallery, Northern Ireland (2021-2022) and Chasing Rainbows, Ikon, Birmingham, UK (2021-2022). Bradley also attended Eastside Projects Expanded Studio Bursary, 2019 and the Grand Union Gallery Residency (August 2018 - August 2019).