XING (b.2017) is a research platform centered on the poetics and politics of Southeast and East Asian art discourse. Assuming form of a shapeshifter, it morphs between localities and temporalities; with(in)flux. A domain of not-yet possibilities, the platform attempts to dismantle matrices concerned with the region from non-dominant perspectives.


cipher I 

we are everything and nothing at once—
docile domestic; dragon lady; kittenish ingenue; tantalising temptress 


The inaugural XING photobook: cipher I assumes its maiden shape-in form of printed matter. Shedding light on the trailblazing lives of East Asian womxn, the book champions the vagabonds, challenges hegemony and celebrates plural forms of identity. Its DNA: unravelling narratives and terrains; dissecting new psyches; fusing traditions and East Asian modernity; echoing voices of the lesser-known shadowed by Euro-Americentrism. Featuring work from Beijing-based artist Lin Zhi Peng (aka No.223), to Japanese photographer Mayumi Hosokura, San Francisco-based artist Vivian Fu, and London-based photographer Ronan Mckenzie. Preface by Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee and essays by Clara Lee and Samantha Yap.


XING premiered a selection of works from cipher I at UNSEEN 2019, Amsterdam. The works marked a celebration of East Asian femininity and the ungovernable. Through a series of photographs, the exhibition examines the protocols of visibility, as well as the subsequent trapping of these wayward figures in an exotic-erotic double bind. Rejecting the (dominant) story of his, a history that is premised on the exclusion of those raced and gendered, the viewer is urged to reconsider the act of seeing/being seen.


Contributors to XING: cipher I 

Clara Lee, Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee, Jiatu Gu, Mayumi Hosokura, Ronan Mckenzie, Ryo-ta Saitoh, Samantha Yap, Takuya Nagata, Tammy Volpe, Teresa Eng, Vivian Fu, Lin Zhipeng (aka No.223)





cipher II

sayang: sweetheart, darling, to love
apparitions within a composite memory palace





cipher III

Nameless. echoes, spectres, hisses (29 June - 27 July 2020)

With a focus on South East Asia, this is an online screening investigating the relationship between sound and place. Featured works include moving image, sound and essays by artists: DIVISI62, Russell Morton, Sriwhana Spong, Pathompon Mont Testrateep, Sung Tieu and scholar Benjamin Tausig. Co-curated by Jade Barget & Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee.



respiration–asphyxiation of the archival fantasy