Summer Group Show | We Work Here

Online exhibition

-Viewings available by appointment at gallery office (Wed-Sat, 10-5)


7 July - 5 Sep 2016

Works available for sale, all prices on application

Press/Sales: / 0203 732 7513


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Smokey Mirror (2014, moving image, 2m 09secs). This work explores the ephemeral transitory nature of being. The viewer is alluded to this very passage of time, slipping by. Copyright the artist, courtesy A.I.

Sleepwalk (2010, single channel video loop, 2m 25secs) is a composite video based on recollections of dreams. Occurring subconsciously during the night and fading almost immediately upon waking, the dreams leave mostly monochromatic imprints in the mind. Copyright the artist, courtesy A.I.

It was a Tuesday, like any other Tuesday (2013, single channel video loop, 1m 07secs). The work documents the actions and routines of several residents living across the road, the viewer is given an introspective, almost voyeuristic glimpse. Copyright the artist, courtesy A.I.